Why do writers of ‘great’ novels fail to get published?

Writer Stephen Baxter has been awarded a Nobel prize for his book The Unconscious. 

A new study of the literary careers of American writers finds they have fewer publishing opportunities than their counterparts in countries like Britain. 

The research, by US sociologist Jonathan Burt, looked at the careers of the most well-known American writers, such as Ernest Hemingway, Mark Twain, William Faulkner, and William Carlos Williams. 

They looked at what they did and did not publish, what their publishers said about them, and the amount of money they received for their work. 

In general, British writers tend to publish more than American writers and they are also much less likely to get their work published. 

American writers have an easier time getting published because they tend to have a better reputation. 

Baxter, who is a writer at The Guardian newspaper, is the author of The Unnatural and The Real, which are both set in the US. 

His book is a bestseller, selling over one million copies and has been translated into more than 30 languages. 

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