Hollywood star turns down job offer from publisher, says she’ll go back to her hometown

Los Angeles, California – The Hollywood star who became an Internet sensation for posting a viral video of herself playing the saxophone in the background of a viral music video has told Al Jazeera that she’s “not going to go back”.

“I don’t want to be the one to change anything,” Angelina Jolie told Aljazeera in a phone interview from the UK, where she is on a media tour promoting her latest film, The Social Network.

“I know what I want and I don’t care about people.

I’m not going to change, I just want to see people and enjoy myself.

It’s just that I don… want to live in my hometown, which is LA.”

Jolie, 41, is best known for her role as Angelina on the hit CBS television series Angel.

She was also nominated for an Academy Award for Best Actress in a Motion Picture or a Comedy Film for her performance in 2006’s The Social Net.

She said she was told by her agent that she was going to work with him but she wanted to make her own decision.

“The agent said I would be working with him in London,” Jolie said.

“I said no, I want to go to my hometown and be a part of the community, and they said they would work with me and they will, so I just have to make my own choice.

I want the world to know who I am.”

Her decision came after the release of the documentary The Social Networks, which examines the rise of social media and the role of celebrities in creating it.

Jolies’ decision to return to her home state was based on her mother, who lives in London, Jolie’s hometown.

“My mom is my second mother, and she has been my mother since I was a little girl,” Jolies said.

“So it’s very hard to live here and not know what’s going on and how people are feeling.

But I have to understand it.

That’s how I live.”

Jurassic World has received a lot of positive attention since it was released in April and Jolie is keen to see the film made more widely in the US.

“They were very supportive,” she said.

“[They] told me that the movie was going in the right direction and that I should keep doing it.”