When the ‘Flaming Lips’ and the ‘Rabbit Hole’ are the most talked about topics in Hollywood

Fox Sports has decided to pull the plug on its scripted series The Flaming Lips.

The show, which is produced by Comedy Central, will be pulled from its schedule at the end of the month, the network announced in a statement.

Fox also said it was pulling the show from its website and app, as well as YouTube.

The decision was announced by Fox’s senior vice president of programming, Matt Fortunato, in a memo to the network’s top talent.

The show’s writers and producers, including Fortunatello, are “very proud of what The Flamings has accomplished,” he said in the memo.

“While we would not have liked to have produced the series in the first place, our creative team, writers and producer Matt Fink, have been doing so consistently and in a way that allowed us to take full advantage of the incredible platform we have,” Fortunatto said.

“As of now, we will not be able to bring the series to you for the 2018-19 season.

As a result, we are ending the season and will be bringing it back as a digital series to your favorite entertainment platforms in 2018.”

Fox has been aggressively expanding its scripted slate for the past two years, starting with a slew of original series like The X-Files: New Frontier and The Librarians.

In that time, the company has also expanded its comedy line-up, including a pilot from comedian Amy Poehler and a comedy series from Seth Meyers.