Reddit: ‘The internet is a better place’

Copywriter salaries from around the world are up.

Here are the highest paid copywriters in Australia.

Read more The average Australian copywriter earns $52,933 in 2016, according to the Bureau of Statistics.

But that’s a rise of almost 30 per cent over the past 12 months.

According to the latest figures from the Australian Bureau of Industry and Employment (ABIE), the median annual salary for a copywriter in Australia is $60,000.

It’s a drop from the $73,000 median annual pay for a full-time copywriter last year, which was up 6 per cent.

“I think people are getting a little bit more comfortable with the idea that the internet is now a better, more collaborative place,” said Sarah Roper, the director of content at Copywriter Academy, which runs the program.

“I’m really hoping it’ll encourage people to put their creative energy into their copywriting.”

The biggest pay rise in recent years has been for the copywriters on the frontlines of the internet.

“As copywriters, we have the power to influence the world through our work,” she said.

Roper said that as more people start sharing their copy online, she expects more copywriters to start asking for higher pay, and that’s good for the industry.

“We want our copywriters and writers to be respected and to be recognised,” she explained.

“But that’s what they’re going to do in a very digital world, they’re not going to work in a physical space.”

Copywriting schools around the country are starting to take notice.

“I’ve had a lot of people email me and ask if I can help them out,” Roper said.

“There are many copywriting schools in Sydney and Brisbane and Melbourne and Melbourne is the biggest, but there’s a few in Melbourne as well, so there are definitely some schools around.”

In the past few years, she said, she’s seen an increase in demand for copywriters at the more junior level, with the number of schools offering full-fledged programs, as well as increasing the number and quality of those opportunities.

At the end of the day, she says, the pay gap is not a good thing for a creative outlet.

“It’s not the people who have the skills, but the people with the skills are paid more than the people that don’t have the talent,” she says.

ABIG’s 2015 report found that the average Australian salary for copywriting was $58,600, which is slightly below the $60-70 range, but more than twice the median salary for an associate copywriter.

However, this year the gap is narrowing, with more people starting out at the $63,000 mark.

And while the pay disparity may be narrowing, the overall number of people employed in the copywriting industry remains high.

Copywriter salaries in Australia are currently $46,000 higher than they were in 2014.

So what can you do to boost your income?

There are plenty of ways to boost the incomes of a copywriting career.

Firstly, be sure to take the time to learn from the best.

You can read the copywriter career guide on the ABC Business website.

Secondly, if you’re a young copywriter looking to start your career, you can sign up for the Sydney Copywriting Academy.

Thirdly, there’s always the option to try for the Australian Copywriting Agency.

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