Mark Cuban on Twitter: I didn’t think we’d be able to get our players to agree to anything like this Source article This week, it’s time for Mark Cuban to take a stand on the legalization of marijuana in the NHL.

The Dallas Stars owner was one of the most vocal critics of the recent Colorado decision, and his response to the NHL’s marijuana ban was not pretty.

The comments came as the NHL was facing criticism over the decision to suspend a group of players who were suspended for marijuana possession in April.

While Cuban was one the players who was suspended, his words came as a surprise to many.

Cuban tweeted, “What happened in Colorado is the beginning of the end of legalization.

If we can’t get our athletes to agree on something as simple as this, how can we expect them to get along in the future?”

His comments came in response to a tweet from former Dallas Stars forward Alex Goligoski, who had been suspended for two games by the league after being caught in possession of cannabis.

Cubano was quick to take aim at Goligas statement.

“I’m not trying to take anything away from him or anything.

He’s a man of his word and I’ve had no problem with his decision,” Cuban said.”

The thing about the Colorado decision was we’re in the midst of a real debate on marijuana legalization and I just don’t think it’s something that’s appropriate for our league.

The league has a lot of influence and I’m sure that’s going to continue to be the case as long as we’re going forward.”

For me, it was a clear case of a player who was found to have violated the league’s drug policy.

That was a player I knew was on his way to being an NHL star.

That’s not a player that I want to have in my locker room.

I’m just going to let him go.