How to write a great headline and hit the headlines for 2018

What’s the best headline for 2018?

We decided to answer that question by choosing the best headlines for the past five years.

How about the best story line for 2019?

We went back to the past and looked at what the headlines were telling the public.

Here are the best stories that year.1.

“We were on the verge of losing our way in this country.”2.

“I was so scared.”3.

“The sky is the limit.”4.

“It was scary to know I would never make it to the White House.”5.

“How could I have done this without the support of my family?”6.

“You are doing it right.”7.

“No one is stopping me.

We are the people that matter.”8.

“Thank you for the support.”9.

“Everyone needs a break.

It’s just a matter of time.”10.

“This is my first year as a presidential candidate and it’s been an honor to serve the American people.

I’m honored to stand in the way of their future.”11.

“A lot of us have to be a little bit nervous and a little worried right now.”12.

“They want us to believe that we can change the world.

I don’t know if that’s the truth.”13.

“When I’m ready to fight I’m going to fight for you.”14.

“What a great feeling to see that all the people who have worked hard and sacrificed to make America great have made it this far.”15.

“Now I’m trying to build the future.”16.

“Don’t let the sky fall.”17.

“People need to know that we will prevail.”18.

“Never doubt.”19.

“My team and I are ready to go and we are going to be the best.

Thank you.”20.

“Our country has made it all possible.”21.

“If there’s one thing that is important to me, it’s my kids.”22.

“And now it’s time to do this.”23.

“Who will protect our future?

Who will help our families?

Who are our heroes?”24.

“America will rise again.”25.

“To the right we go.

To the left we go.”26.

“Today, we are the greatest nation on Earth.

We can do anything.”27.

“Do you believe in God?

Then let me be the first to tell you I do.”28.

“Because I want you to know it’s not about money.

It has nothing to do with what your salary or what your credit card says.”29.

“God is great.”30.

“Everybody is watching you.”31.

“There is no reason to be afraid.

America is still great.

It is not going anywhere.”32.

“In a time when our economy is in the toilet, the sky is falling, and the world is at war, the best people are always standing up.”33.

“Be brave.

Be strong.

Be brave.”34.

“As a writer, I always wanted to be in the front lines of things.

Now I have the chance.”35.

“Nobody is stopping us.

We will take on the world.”36.

“For this, we must not only be the greatest, but the best.”37.

“Let’s fight for a better world.”38.

“All of us who love this country and the people of this great nation will have our backs.”39.

“Hipsters and nerds are not welcome here.

The whole world is watching.”40.

“Your success is our success.

You are doing great.

Keep on going.”41.

“Hope and dreams can come true.

We all have them.

Don’t give up on your dreams.”42.

“Change the world with a message of hope and hope alone.”43.

“At the end of the day, if we don’t believe, if there is no hope, we can’t change the future.

We have to work for it.”44.

“Every one of us can be the hero.”45.

“Whatever happens, we have to get better and stronger.”46.

“Take the time to find a good way to do the right thing and change the course of history.”47.

“Love will triumph.”48.

“Make no mistake, the United States of America is strong and we will triumph in the future without a doubt.”49.

“Go out and make history.”50.

“Stay strong.”51.

“Stop crying.

We’re not going to give up.”52.

“Goes to show how much we’re doing.

This is what we fight for.”53.

“Climbing the ladder, getting ahead.

Now we just have to do it with more grit and determination.”54.

“Even if it’s in the name of our country, you have to go through it and make it through.

We know that the future is ours.”55.

“Remember this: You