Copywriting influence at the intersection of business,film,media and copywriting, in a piece by Michael D. Sullivan

Copywriting is a powerful force in business and the entertainment industries, and it is no surprise that a lot of the best copywriters have been working in both industries for many years.

Nowadays, we are seeing a proliferation of the role copywriting plays in the creative process as we have become increasingly reliant on creative work to drive consumer and advertiser engagement.

This is especially true in the media and entertainment industries where digital media has been a big part of our lives for decades.

This article explores how copywriting influences both business and film at the intersections of business and media, as well as how these influencers influence the way we create content. 

Michael D. Smith is the Founder and CEO of Copywriting Inspiration.

He is also the co-author of the book The Copywriter’s Guide to Success: The 10 Secrets to a Great Copywriting Career. 

This piece was originally published at The Business Insider.

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How to write your way into the copywriting spotlight

Copywriters can earn more than $2 million per year by writing copy for clients with the best-selling book titles on their résumés, according to a new report.

A study released Wednesday by the Writers Guild of America and the Media Research Center found that copywriters are among the top earners in Hollywood, with an average of $2.2 million in royalties from the bestsellers on their resume.

The study found that the top 10 highest-earning copywriters earned an average $4.4 million in annual royalties from those titles, with the top 25 earning an average total of $8.4 to $9.8 million.

Salaries for copywriters range from $1,500 to $1.2 mil, depending on the genre and publication.

Salary ranges for copywriting professionals are generally higher than for other professionals, with copywriters earning $3,500 an hour in film and television production and $4,000 an hour on television.

Salaried copywriters typically also earn more money than their peers in other professions, with a median salary of $5,300 a year in the industry, according the report.

The Writers Guild said it hopes the study will encourage copywriters to seek out more lucrative employment in the film industry.

“The study is an important step toward understanding how copywriting can earn as much as a career as a profession,” said Amy Spitalnick, executive director of the Writers Union.

“It’s an incredibly valuable asset for any writer, and anyone who wants to write a book should know the opportunities they can take.”

The Writers Union also hopes the survey will prompt publishers and editors to better recognize the value of copywriting as a creative tool.

“As publishers and industry executives begin to pay attention to the unique writing talents of their writers, we can all start to realize how vital and valuable the work of a copywriter is to a publisher’s future success,” Spitalnik said.