Which college job would you take if you had $100,000?

The median income for a copywriter in the United States is $60,000, according to a study by job website Glassdoor.

It’s not just because of the massive pay gap.

Glassdoor said the median salary for a writer is also higher than the median for all other jobs.

The average income for writers in the US is $65,000 and $66,000 for writers at large.

The study also noted that there are some industries where the median pay is higher than in the rest of the country.

For example, there are copywriters who earn more than $100K.

In addition, the median income of a copywriting job in the U.S. is $80,000.

For some industries, the salaries are even higher.

For instance, the average salary for copywriters in the entertainment and arts industries is $160,000 — nearly $100M.

The median salary in the pharmaceutical industry is $120,000 according to Glassdoor, and it’s up more than 30% over the last year.