Copywriting jobs, copywriting work and more on IGN

Copywriting work is hard work, and not everyone can be an editor.

That’s where you come in.

We’re looking for copywriters who can help us grow the IGN Copywriting Academy.

We need them to be passionate about what they do and to bring the best in copywriting to the next level.

The academy’s goal is to create a professional copywriting training and certification program.

They want to teach aspiring copywriters how to write professionally, as well as train and certify copywriters to work with other companies and industries.

They’re also looking for people who are willing to work in a professional environment to help them.

If you’re a copywriter who’s interested in working with IGN, read on.

We’re hiring for the academy.

Apply here.

You can learn more about IGN’s Copywriting Program, as we continue to grow it, by reading our past articles here.